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Pork Cake, not political

January 17, 2010

This is an actual recipe from an actual book. A friend of mine from the Oregon Extension Women’s Studies May Term found this recipe in our cabin the year I was a student there. It proved to be an excellent piece of performance poetry.

Enjoy reading it.

If you decide to make it, I hope you enjoy that, too.

Pork Cake

From the Willing Workers of the Oskaloosa Christian School Treasured Recipes Cookbook.

1 lb. ground pork (75-80% lean)

3 c. sugar

1 c. coffee

tsp. soda dissolved in coffee

1 large tsp baking powder

1 large pinch of salt

3 ½ to 4 c sifted flour

1 ½ c nutmeats

1 lb raisins

1 ½ tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

¼ tsp cloves

Mix all together and bake in tube pan, bundt pan, or 2 loaves.  Bake according to directions for fruit cake that comes with your stove.

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