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Easy Cauliflower Soup

June 3, 2010

I’m at a place in life where I’m forgetting to add ingredients to things. Today, after putting some loaves of quick bread in the oven, I ran over the list of ingredients to make sure I hadn’t accidentally omitted anything. Then I realized that, had I forgotten an essential, it was probably too late to add it in. (And I had added all the ingredients, by the way.)

This weekend, I made a very easy soup. And I forgot to add the milk, so I’d say that it’s optional. I’ve made this before and added the milk, so I know it’s good both ways. This is a really healthy soup, too, and it’s something good to make when you want homemade soup without doing much work.

(I used frozen cauliflower and celery from last summer’s CSA; I’m scraping the bottom of the freezer at this point.)

Easy Cauliflower Soup

In a Dutch oven, cook one chopped onion, one chopped celery stalk and one chopped carrot OR parsnip with 20 oz. broth (chicken or vegetable) and 30 oz. water. (If you want even better soup, you can saute the vegetables first, but this is the easy way.) Bring to a boil and cook until tender

Add 4 C. chopped cauliflower, 1/2 C. brown ricesalt and pepper to taste, and 1-2 t. curry powder (depending on your curry and the amount of spicyness you prefer.) Cook over medium heat 10-15 min. or until the vegetables are tender. Pour in 10 oz. milk (obviously, optional).

With an immersion blender, puree soup. If you don’t have an immersion blender, ask for one for your birthday and then puree the soup in batches using a blender. (BE CAREFUL!) Return to the pot and gently heat on low until warm.

This serves four.

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