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Grilled Halloumi and Minted Zucchini Sandwiches

July 15, 2010

It’s zucchini and summer squash season! I’m so excited because there are so many different things to do with zucchini and summer squash. In my experience, I’ve found that they’re perfectly interchangable.

Some of the previous recipes I’ve posted for these versatile fruits (yes, they’re really fruits) are:

Zucchini Salad

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Rice and Zucchini Soup

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Today’s recipe is for a sandwich. I’ve found that with an infant, sandwiches are great to make for dinner. I don’t have a proper grill; we use the George Foreman grill we got free from our bank several years ago. It works quite well.

Grilled Halloumi and Minted Zucchini Sandwiches

2 zucchini (about 8 oz. each, trimmed and cut into 1/4″ slices)

2 T. olive oil

2 t. fresh lemon juice (or bottled, if you don’t have a lemon)

1 t. kosher salt

8 oz. halloumi, which is a grilling cheese, sliced across the short side into 1/4″ slices

1 small red onion (white or yellow work, too, but red is prettier)

1 small garlic clove, minced

1 T. chopped mint leaves (Really, try to find a neighbor with some mint in her yard; mint is too ubiquitous in the midwest to actually go out and buy it in the summer)

1 baguette

Marinate the zucchini in 1 T. oil, the lemon juice, and 1/2 t. salt. Set aside for at least 30 minutes.

In a separate dish, brush the halloumi with 1 t. olive oil.

Slice the onion thickly. marinate in 1 t. oil and the remaining salt.

Preheat the grill and oil the grate OR plug in your George Foreman.

Grill the zucchini until it is tender. Toss in a bowl with the garlic and mint; set aside. Grill the onion wedges, turning until they are slightly charred on the edges. I like my onions more limp than crisp, but cook them as ou prefer. Grill the halloumi until softened and marked by the grill.

Slice the baguette langthwise, leaving one side attached. Brush with the remaining teaspoon olive oil. Cut into four segments. Stuff each segment with the zucchini, halloumi, and onions. This serves four.

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  1. August 25, 2010 3:24 am

    I discovered halloumi a few years ago as I moved to Cyprus, never heard of it before. But straight away I fell in love with that delicious cheese that is so versatile and gives its special note to so many dishes. Very often we try new halloumi recipes and there is not one week since then, that we won’t have at least one meal with halloumi, not to speak abou BBQs, where having halloumi is a must.
    Thank you for sharing this recipe and giving me a new idea.


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