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Giant’s Granola for a Month

September 8, 2010

Last week, I wrote about how I’d made this teeny-tiny recipe for granola. Well, this week I overcompensated. I made a giant recipe for granola that is probably enough food to feed a giant for a month of breakfasts. A small giant, but still.

I’ve made this one before and it’s a good recipe with enough sweetness but not enough. Plan to bake this granola in batches, unless you have an unlimited supply of rimmed cookie sheets. It also takes several bowls to mix it up, unless you have a giant mixing bowl. Hence the name.

Giant’s Breakfast Granola (Do not double unless you have an industrial kitchen.)

11 C. old-fashioned oatmeal

2 C. shredded coconut

2 C. wheat germ

1/2 C. spelt, rice, oat, or rye flour (I use whatever I have on hand, usually rye.)

1 T. celtic sea salt (optional–or a pinch of kosher salt)

2 C. raw almonds or cashews, chopped

1 C. raw sunflower seeds

1 C. raw sesame seeds

3/4 C. raw flax seeds

1 C. raw hulled pumpkin seeds

Mix dry ingredients (above) in a very large bowl.

Then, blend the following together and pour over.

3/4 C. oil

1/2  C. brown sugar

1/3 C. molasses

1 1/2 C. honey

3/4 C. water

1 T. vanilla (I use Beanilla.)

2 t. almond extract

Bake mixture at 250 for 90 minutes in thin layers on rimmed cookie sheets or large cake pans. You can also take a risk and cook the granola while other stuff is in the oven. Take care not to let it burn. Add dried fruit of your choice, if you wish.


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