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Great Gift Idea: Ebelskiver Pan

January 7, 2011

I know Christmas is over and you’re probably not thinking about what to give whom. But we received a great gift for our anniversary and I want to recommend it to others who enjoy leisurely cooking on Saturday mornings.

An Eibelskiver (pronounced “able-skeever”) is a traditional Danish filled pancake. The pan, this particular one from Nordic Ware, has seven indentations:

Nordic Ware Cast Danish Ebelskiver Pan

Williams-Sonoma also makes one that is cast iron so that you can put it into the oven (this is handy for some recipes. You can’t put the Nordic Ware one in the oven because it has a plastic handle. Well, actually, you could put it in the oven, but I wouldn’t recommend it.) Another WordPress blogger wrote about her Williams-Sonoma pan and the Williams-Sonoma ebelskiver cookbook, and she included a recipe for chocolate chip ebelskivers here.

The best thing about ebelskivers is that, most of the time, they’re filled. We have filled them with cream cheese, cream cheese mixed with pumpkin, carmel, apple, and cream cheese with hot peppers. (That last one was not for breakfast.) I have been so excited to make them that I got the Williams-Sonoma cookbook, too!

Besides some of the ones in the book, we’ve also made Pumpkin Pecan Filled Pancakes, Spiced-Apple Filled Pancakes (sans the Maple Whipped Cream!),  Cinnamon Bun Filled Pancakes and several batches of Jalapeno Cornbread Ebelskivers. This is how you do it:

Mix up your favorite cornbread batter. Put a little in each indentation in the pan. Put about 1 t. cream cheese and a slice or two of jalapenos (fresh or pickled) into each one. Top with a little more batter. Finish cooking according to your ebelskiver pan instructions.

Have I convinced you yet?


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