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Blueberry Bread Pudding

January 10, 2011

(I’m posting this recipe today for my sister-in-law, who requested had requested it.)

I’m a big fan of bread pudding recipes because they’re a great way to use up bread that needs to be used up FAST. (French toast is also a great way to use up bread!) However, this recipe is so big, you’ll probably need to break out a big, new loaf, unless you have lots of scraps sitting around. That’s OK, though, because this is so good and it’s a really easy make-ahead dish for a weekend breakfast or holiday brunch.

The primary focus of this blog is Michigan local cooking, and blueberries are a local crop–even in the winter–if you’ve frozen some over the summer. (Freezing blueberries is one of the easiest ways to put up produce. You just stick them on rimmed cookie sheets and put them in the freezer, then once they’re frozen, put them in freezer containers. You can rinse them right before you use them and they don’t have to be thawed.)

The recipe can be found here, but note that I make several changes to make this a more healthy meal.

1) I use 4 C. whole milk, not 2 C. milk and 2 C. cream.

2) I reduce the sugar to about 1/2 C.

3) If you’re not serving 12 people (and really, who cooks for 12 on a regular basis?) this is easy to cut in half. Or you can put it into two smaller pans and freeze one for later!


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