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Ginger Basmati Pilaf with Cumin & Scallions

January 11, 2011

Last month, I wrote about making rice pilaf more often and I included several recipes. Well, yesterday I cracked out the crockpot to make an old standard: Curried Lentils. For this one, I used a homemade curry powder that was quite hot! (That recipe will follow tomorrow.) And to accompany it, I made Ginger Basmati Pilaf with Cumin and Scallions, radish relish, and steamed crinkle-cut carrots. I thought the carrots would be a big hit with Evelyn, but she would have none of it. She threw them on the floor and whined for raisins. (Without using words, of course. This is my translation.) Anyway, go figure. They were good carrots, so I ate them.

The pilaf recipe is good (click on the name of it above for the link for the link to the recipe) and I used up the frozen scallions from the CSA share this past summer, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be making this for awhile. It was a good winter meal that used frozen CSA scallions, canned radish relish, and organic grocery-store carrots.


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