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Whole Grain Cornsticks Tricks

January 17, 2011

Tonight, to go with leftover soup, I made these whole grain cornsticks. (Click here for the recipe.) These are really good. Evelyn even liked the little bits I broke up to give her. (I made sure her pieces didn’t have jalapeno bits in them.)

These aren't nearly finished baking!

I’ve been making cornsticks for several years, using one of those cast-iron corn-cob shaped pans, and I’ve learned several tricks that really helps them be yummy.

1) Heat the cast-iron pan in the oven as you pre-heat the oven.

2) Once the pan is warm, put butter or bacon grease in each of the indentations. Allow that to melt and then use a silicone pastry brush (like the ones below–mine is red) to distribute it.

3) Put the pans back into the oven until the batter is ready. The hot pans/hot fat make the crusts really crispy and yummy.

Stay warm tonight; it’s cold out.

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