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New Categories! (And I now need a little help…)

January 24, 2011

Friends & Readers:

Please note the new categories above: Meatless Mondays, Baking on Tuesdays, Wondering Wednesdays, Soup on Thursdays, Frazzled Fridays, Saturday Weekend Breakfast & Sunday Pieday.

I thought I needed a little more organization in a life that is often focused on:

"Who me?" Evelyn at 8.5 months

This is now how I’m going to be organizing my posts. It will often be creative categorization, but I’m going to need some help on Wednesdays. I need some questions to answer/topics to write on. Please respond to this post with your questions that I can then consider answering. The more questions, the more I’ll have to choose from. If they’re too complex or philosophical, I doubt I’ll be able to answer them. If they’re about what people ate long ago, I am not a historian, but I’ll try. (Hint: I like funny questions.)

These categories are for this season only. Come summer, I doubt I’ll want to be making soup on Thursdays. (Maybe it will be Salad Thursdays!) So, here goes a little more organization. If it doesn’t work, I can always change my mind.

Happy cooking, everyone!

(Oh, and PS, I forgot to post on Saturday, so consider this my Saturday post several days late.)

PPS: That pie I made yesterday is inordinately delicious.

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