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Green Bean Soup

January 27, 2011

My favorite vegetable is green beans and in the summer, I always try to freeze some to eat during the winter.

Thankfully, I was blessed with a daughter who also likes green beans. She strips the inner flesh out with her two teeth and then throws the empty bean shell on the floor. Sometimes I eat the shells.

I tried this simple recipe a few weeks ago and it was delightful and easy. Evelyn loved it (great baby food!) and so did we. If you make this as a main dish, you’ll need some more protein in your meal. You could make grilled cheese sandwiches, or you could garnish the soup as the original recipe calls for: with sliced hard-cooked eggs.

Green Bean Soup

originally from More-with-Less

Saute the following in a Dutch oven or soup pot:

3T. butter

1 large onion, chopped


6 C. water, stock, or water with some boullion

1 C. carrots, shredded

1 C. potatoes, diced

4 C. fresh or frozen green beans, cut up

fresh or dried parsley

fresh or dried summer savory

Cook until vegetables are tender. Just before serving, add 1/2 C. cream or evaporated milk and salt/pepper to taste.

Garnish with hard-cooked eggs, if you want to. (But I didn’t!)

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