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What is “Wondering Wednesday”?

January 27, 2011

On Wednesdays, I will make it a priority to answer YOUR questions. Now, if you don’t have questions, I will try to find my own questions to answer such as the following:

“What kinds of fats should I be cooking with?”

“Is vegetable oil always a bad choice?”

“What do I do with that bag of candied nutmeg from Southeast Asia?”

“Is there a recipe equivalent to those Puffs from Gerber that Evelyn eats all the time?”

“What’s the best chocolate cake recipe?”

“Would my dry hands become less dry if I kneaded breads with a lot of butter in the dough?”

Now, don’t count on me to give the most scientific researched answers. I am not Cooks Illustrated. Nor am I a scientist. I do, however, love to try new things and find answers to questions about food, recipes, and other yet unknowns. So fire away!

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