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Frazzled Friday: What is it?

January 28, 2011

Well, this is not my first post today. I lost my first post and I am cold in the corner of the study and, honestly, tired of blogging. I had written a wonderful annotated bibliography of some of my favorite (but embarrassing) cookbooks. There will be other days…

I thought on Fridays I would post some simple recipes for days (like today) where one is quite busy and maybe something you did was done in vain and lost in the internet somewhere far away. Or you fall down–literally or metaphorically.

Anyway, Frazzled Fridays is a day where I post things about cooking, but not difficult recipes. Or I post simple recipes. But tonight I ate leftover meatloaf which was nothing to write home about and why I’m not devoting a post to the recipe. (Though you can read it here if you’re interested.) It seemed that the other people liked the meatloaf, but I thought it fell apart and was generally, well, mediocre at best.

Unfortunate Meatloaf

Unfortunate meatloaf that looks like a pair of bad shoes.

So…Frazzled Fridays…here we go.


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