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What can I do with candied nutmeg?

February 16, 2011

I’ve had some Southeast Asian candied nutmeg in my pantry for awhile now because I haven’t known what to do with it. So today, I’m going to explore some options about how to use it. Candied nutmeg is made from the fruit surrounding the seed (which is used for the spice.) Wikipedia has a really good article on nutmeg here.

(And as a side note, let me encourage readers to purchase whole nutmegs and grate them. The nutmeg taste is fresher and you don’t have to replace the spices as often because they’re not already grated. You can purchase a tiny little grater like this to grate them and it’s really easy to do.)

Little Nutmeg Grater

From some of the websites I’ve found, candied nutmeg can be added to desserts, such as apple pie, in place of dried nutmeg. Apparently, the flavour is less intense than the spice itself. It can also be added to fruitcake, but I’ve already had some good fruitcake this year and once a year is enough for me.

Here are a few more ideas I have now that I’ve learned a little more about this delicacy.

Add candied nutmeg to

  • muffins or scones. (I put candied ginger in scones and they’re terrific!)
  • hard squash or sweet potato recipes.
  • cinnamon roll filling.

Other ideas? The internet is rather silent on this topic, I found.

Once I try some of my ideas, I’ll let you know how they go.

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