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Peach and Cornmeal Upside-Down Cake

April 19, 2011

Last week I made a dessert for a dinner party I attended and this is what I made. Everyone liked it.

You’ll have to imagine what it looked like: think a round upside-down cake with peaches instead of pineapple.

It is one of the more delicious cakes I’ve ever had and I didn’t even use fresh peaches like it called for. I used home-canned ones from last summer, but you could substitute regular canned peaches if it’s all you have.

I also used some lavender my aunt grew and gave to me. The combination of peaches, cornmeal, salt, and lavender in a dessert is just wonderful. Try it.

The original recipe, here with a picture, is from Martha Stewart. You can also read about it here, on the Dinner with Julie blog and here on the  They also write about some variations with apple instead of peaches. Then, there’s that also wrote about it here and the A Little Leaven blog that wrote about it here.

Everyone has blogged about this already. I am behind the times. I should be rolling my jeans and wearing flannel. (Actually, I think flannel is back in and all the cool college kids I know are wearing glasses that eerily remind me of 6th grade.) But now you know about this cake and you can blog about it to–or at least forward this link to your friends and tell them that all the cool cooks are making it.

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