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The Garden of Your Mind

March 1, 2013

Today, I had a piece published in *culture is not optional’s online magazine Catapult called “The Garden of Your Mind.” Here’s an excerpt:

Sometimes I sit two-year-old Evelyn down in front of our computer in the office and sew while she watches old reruns of Mister Rogers Neighborhood and fondly—yes, even nostalgically—remember my own childhood, sitting on the brown carpet in the living room while Mom made dinner in the kitchen. I watched Mister Rogers until sixth grade.

Mister Rogers does something when he speaks. He does the same thing Dr. Sears recommends one does when speaking to babies: he gives time to respond. There’s another YouTube video made in response to the autotuned version that shows the clips as they originally appeared. Mister Rogers speaks slowly to the camera, pausing after his questions to allow the child to respond. “Do you ever imagine things?” Mister Rogers asks. “Did you ever see a cat’s eyes in the dark and wonder what they were.” He pauses. I think, “No, but once I saw a banana tree in the dark and thought it was a scary man.”

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